Our team

My name is Milena and I have the pleasure to introduce STAR PARTIES Agencys team. Experts and creative artists from different fields, we function as one. We take into consideration your style, your preferences and your expectations and create a perfectly synchronized symphony to make your celebration unique and of Star quality!

Here we are:
Milena - Manager

Likes:: summer, her dog, extreme sports, riding her motorbike, reaching for the stars
Dislikes: peas, "feathers and bows", hypocrisy, fake heros and Turkish soap operas

          I am one of those women who love dynamic lifestyles, communicating with different people and multitasking. Years ago, when J Lo had not even heard of the profession Wedding planner, I graduated with a degree in a field completely different to the creative work I am doing at the moment.
My professional experience lies in the field of state administration and the private sector where I developed my organizational skills and perfected my ability to work in a team.
In 2005 I vowed to start working in a field abundant in beautiful and emotional events. That is when my creative project STAR PARTIES was born. I graduated the International College of Wedding Planning and Event Management in London. I am a member of the World Association of Wedding Planners.
I organize and coordinate our young and enthusiastic team. I create and orchestrate each event individually. My way with words is my forte and my trademark are the unique rituals where I weave age-old tradition with the modern air of elegant social events.
Today STAR PARTIES is proof that I am moving in the right direction. Our accomplishment and pride are the numerous wondrously beautiful weddings and special events, and the biggest reward of all is the boundless gratitude of our satisfied clients!

DESISLAVA - PR and marketing, coordinator

Likes: ljutenitza, the mountains, talking incessantly, laughing out loud, travelling the world over, dancing, flying, wearing her new clothes
Dislikes: bananas, ironing, pouting people, squeaky voices and pop folk music

          Desi is my daughter and she has graduated the Sorbonne, Paris with a degree in Marketing Strategies and Corporate Communication. Even though she lives in France and works on her own business projects, she is my priceless partner and associate who enthusiastically helps me realize every seemingly impossible idea with boundless imagination and creative liberty. Desi is one of those rare people who do not walk the trodden path but seek to make their own.
You could see her at our first meeting or if you are lucky, you could have her as head coordinator of your event! :)
Forever smiling, radiant and positive, Desi will win you over with her magnetism and you will not be able to resist loving her!

MILENA Florist and designer

Likes: chocolate and cakes; colourful and original things; travelling
Dislikes: cats, cliches, vanity, routine and rude people

          Milena has a degree in engineer design. With her innate talent and flair for the aesthetic, with a wealth of imagination, ideas and style she will create boutique floral arrangements, elegant bridal bouquets, boutonnieres and car decorations.
Milena will be happy to complement your ideas for themed decor with carefully selected details.
With her innovative solutions and her creative freedom she will design a truly stellar style to enhance your event!
Working with her means confidence in a job well done!

MARIA PAUNOVA Artistic decorator

Likes: simple and sophisticated things, red wine, planting trees, listening to Leonard Cohen
Dislikes: beans, beer, kitsch, filth, impudence.

          Marias forte is planning and execution of interior design projects, as well as exquisite creative and unique decor.
She has graduated the National Highschool of Arts and has a degree in Management from the University of Economics, Varna. She will stylize your entire event and she will handmake all of your wedding accessories champagne bottle and glasses decoration, wedding book, envelope box, souvenirs for your guests and any other beautiful wedding paraphernalia.
Creative by nature, she seeks the unusual and unique. Releasing beauty in its most original form is her true vocation.
By trusting Maria you will ascertain that all elements for your wedding will be masterfully created in the most sophisticated of styles. When I share a seemingly weird or bold idea with her and ask if it would be possible, she always responds with it has to be possible.
Maria is incredibly devoted to her work and the original decor and accessories her hands create will leave you with lasting memories from your celebration.

KALOYAN video operator, graphic and web designer

Likes: fitness, steak, fashionable clothes, laughing at others expense
Dislikes: olives, mushrooms, quidnucs and second-hand clothes

          You will recognize Kalata by his quiet smile and dimples.
He has graduated the Technical University in Varna, works as a graphic and web designer.
His big passion is filming and 3D animation. With his education and extra qualifications in this field, coupled with his innate talent and creativity, Kaloyan will overcome any obstacles with ease and will find the right angle, capturing the most precious and emotional moments on film, making your celebration an adventure by turning film into art.
What is more, Kalata will create original design of table cards, invites and other printed material for your celebration. I feel lucky to have someone like Kaloyan on my team!

KRASIMIR ANDREEV - photographer

Likes: jazz, tube amplifiers, archery
Dislikes: microwave ovens, idleness and armchair patriots

          Krasi has been dabbling in photography for more than 15 years. What impressed me the most after our first wedding was his punctuality, professional approach and the ease with which he communicated with the newlyweds.
He stages each event and sticks painstakingly to the logistics plan. With his flair for aesthetics, he will entice you to be brave and expose your innermost beauty during your artistic photoshoot.
In his own words: "What is needed is a sense of harmony and beauty, together we create the frame which provokes peoples smiles, makes them apprehensive, forces them to stop and contemplate.
All of our newlyweds are genuinely happy and excited when they receive their beautiful photographs with wondrous moments captured for life.


PETKO - DJ Petrakis

Likes: snacking regularly, fast cars, break dancing professionally
Dislikes: fish, feeling cold, not finding a parking spot

           I have known Petko for over 5 years. He says he cannot breathe without music: he falls asleep and wakes up to his favourite songs. Petko and I are a professional tandem and have worked together at many weddings, parties, birthdays not only in Varna, but also in Sofia, Shumen, Dobrich and Balchik.
We complement each other during the ceremonies and have learned to communicate without words especially when quick reaction is needed.
Petko considers crystal clear sound a must. He never stops enhancing his music collection with a rich variety of music styles, both evergreens and contemporary hits.
He responds to every music taste and has a knack for capturing your energy and mood and turns each event into a memorable occasion.


EVELINA professional makeup artist

Likes: Creative and positive people, good music and good wine
Dislikes: Lazy and grumpy people and the statement: "This is not going to happen!"

           Eva has a degree in Tourism from the Bourgas University Prof. Assen Zlatarov and she has graduated the Avgerinopoulou school for professional makeup artists in Athens, Greece.
She has worked as a model, mostly abroad. She won the media prize for best makeup artist for two consecutive years 2011 and 2012. She does makeup for many photo sessions, fashion shows and, of course, many brides.
Eva has artistic flair and the gift to bring out the perfect look and colour in every face. She will make your eyes look ablaze or glow softly on your dream day and you will shine irresistibly.

Facebook - Make up Studio

MARIA KOVACHEVA organizer and coordinator

Likes: napping on weekend afternoons, schedules and discipline and also to have fun with friends.
Dislikes: cats, her old car, chaos, lies and hypocrisy.

          Maria is my best friend. She is the person I cannot live without!
She studied Technology of the Food Industry in Plovdiv and Accounting in Svishtov.
Maria is a natural organizer precise in everything she undertakes. She plans ahead every single detail of every event. And in case I have forgotten to fasten my seatbelt or happen to exceed the speed limit in a mad rush from one location to another, Maria is the one to issue a warning like my on-board computer :)
Under her careful scrutiny, you can rest assured that the wind will be at your back on your very special day.

ANGELINA - coordinator and childrens entertainer

Likes: searching for music, making collages, snowboarding at night
Dislikes: mammas boys, cut flowers, stressed-out people

          Ani is that calm, smiling girl with freckles whom you will feel comfortable trusting because she always finds a way to complete any assignment.
She has a degree in Psychology from Sofia University.
She will meet and greet your guests with care and tact and will prepare adventurous games for the little ones.