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Wedding agency "Star Parties"


Weddings Varna

From the dreams of your wedding to the wedding of your dreams.

Corporate events

Фирмени събития

We help you stand out in the eyes of your business partners.

Birthday parties

Рождени дни

Colourful children’s parties, carnivals or jubilees – ideas that know no boundaries.

Star Parties

Star Parties is an agency that deals with the organization and preparation of your special events:

  • • Weddings
  • • Corporate events
  • • Birthday parties

Would wedding of the sea? Wedding agency Star Festival is behind hundreds of weddings sea in the Varna region.



Besides our core team, we have built a network of partners with the highest standard of service. Ensure that they offer quality products and services will meet the requirements of the most demanding klienti.Zaedno us with our partners, we have extensive experience in organizing weddings in Bulgaria:

  • Балчик
  • Калиакрия
  • Созопол
  • Силистра
  • София
  • Арбанаси
  • Шумен
  • Добрич и др.

The Media

Over the 7 years of the existence of “Star Fest” Agency there has been an abundance of media coverage of our professional services as wedding planners. We would like to thank all media representatives who have devoted their time and attention to us.

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